I’ve had a fabulous couple of days, meeting some amazing technicians and networking.

Claire Hobson, Permanent Makeup Trainer and Celebrity Artist

The conference has been more than my expectation. I’m so happy that I could join for this time. I will definitely be interested in coming back and spending time with my UK friends.  I had a fabulous time.

Christine Zimmerman, Delegate

I had the most amazing time at the 2017 PMU Conference, hosted by Theresa Wild. Met so many talented trainers and Technicians. Great Gala evening too letting our hair down with all these great people. We’ve just had a blast. Am looking forward to next year.

Linda McFarlane, Delegate  

I had such a great time at the 2017 UK PMU Conference, meeting so many amazing techs from around the world. Thanks to Theresa Wild for organising a great event, I’ve learnt loads and really enjoyed it!

Jenny Brown

So much fun! It’s lovely to be able to part of this industry and such a fantastic conference.

Danielle Cavanagh, Delegate

Thank you so much Theresa, I will see you all again next year.

Sinead Corcoran, Delegate

Amazing conference!

Georgie Immaculate, Delegate

Thank you for the amazing organization. We really enjoyed it.

Rita Romo, Baltic Brows

Fantastic event Theresa, am so glad you asked me to participate.

Craig Bottomley-High, Scalp Micro UK  

The 2017 UK PMU Conference was amazing and inspirational, I’m really looking forward to being there again in 2018.

India Gabrielle, Delegate

My feet are back on Australian soil, my head is still in the clouds… bring on seeing my mini me’s & a shower! Thank you all who made my England trip well worth it! Theresa Wild Will Anthony Kristin & Piotr plus all of my new found English & Italian buddies thank you for a wonderful experience…. I will be back!

June Warry, Delegate

Well done, it was a great conference with so many interesting speakers. It’s so important to keep up with techniques from all over the world.

Caron Vetter

I want to thank Theresa Wild for bringing me out to the 2017 UK PMU Conference. We had a blast and it was great to speak among such talented speakers and in front of such talented techs. She did an amazing job and really knows how to put on a good show.

Will Anthony, Will Anthony Cosmetics

Thank you Theresa, I had a fantastic time and was honoured to be invited back for the second year to present on medi-aesthetics.

Jane Davies, DermaSkin Training

So many amazing artists and fellow technicians. Thanks Theresa wild for organising and inviting me.

Julia O’Dwyer, Delegate

Next year is already in my diary!

Amy Bissett, Delegate

What a great day at Spmu UK conference organised by Theresa Wild, I met some amazing people and great trainers Will Anthony Rita Romo Claire Hobson

Camelia Solescu, Delegate

I really enjoyed the 2017 PMU Conference and was so pleased that I attended.  It was great to meet so many great artists from across the world. I picked up so many new tips and techniques from the trainers and found it very informative watching them work. I will definitely be attending next year’s conference and would like to thanks Theresa for organising such a great event. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Jenny Brown , Delegate

The UK conference has been very interesting, with people having come from all over the world and also international speakers. I’ve had an amazing time and am very glad to have been here to share my tattoo removal method.

Linda Paradis, International Trainer and Tattoo Removal Expert

I’ve had a fantastic time, it’s a great conference. I’ve met loads of wonderful people and have really enjoyed it.

Richard Crawford-Small, i-Consult Salon Software